Friday, October 21, 2011

What do I Call You?

  This is very important. Just what do we call God?
   "Hey, You"
   "Great power in the sky."

    I would sincerely hope none of the above. God may just shorten your life if you dissed Him.
    God has many names. They all are names that refer to His attributes. He is greater than anything you can imagine. And remember, He is 'Qanna" or jealous. I guess that name means He is not going to share us with any other.
     Let me give you a few names of God as I have surfed the web.and started to collect them. You can do that yourself if you wish.

     El Shaddai- Lord God Almighty
     El Elyon- The Most High God
     Adonai- Lord, Master
     Yahweh-  Lord, Jehovah
     El Olam- Everlasting God
     Jehovah-Jireh- Lord our Provider
     Jehovah-Nissi- Lord our Banner
     Jehovah-Shalom- Lord our Peace
     Jehovah Tsid-Kenu- Lord our Righteousness
     Jehovah-Shammah- Lord Omnipresent
     Jehovah-Shabaoth- Lord our Provider
     Jehovah-Raah- Lord our Shepherd
     Jehovah-Rapha- Lord our Healer

     As I said, just a few. God has many names. These listed should be enough to show His majesty.
     God is incomprehensible and unknowable. Yet through His names we can get some feeling for Him. Jehovah states that He is Eternal. But He has revealed Himself through special revelation. And in these last days He has revealed Himself through HIs Son, the Lord  Jesus Christ.
     He is an awesome God.

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