Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Flat Denial-Nothing New

  King Solomon penned a book in our Bible that is very useful in looking at things from the viewpoint of a Humanist. "There is nothing new under the sun." he wrote in Ecclesiastes. There is no new cult that can be invented, no new heresy.
    Earlier in another post I defined what a cult is and in another I defined the signs that you could be in one. I will not redefine. If you desire to read my earlier posts (Which I hope you do. I hope you are going up and down this blog and rereading portions.)  feel free to do so.
    Some where in the eighteenth century a group got fed up with the radical Calvinism of the New England Congregational Churches. Calvin was a strong influence and  his influence could be found in the Congregational, Presbyterian, and other Protestant groups. But it started in the sixteenth to seventeenth century in Poland and England.
    We know them today as Unitarians. Back then they were known as Monarchians. They held then and still do that there is no such thing as the Trinity. No Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Instead they held and still do that God is one and that He cannot manifest Himself in three persons.
    One group holds that Jesus wasn't exactly God nor mere man. A group that follows Ralph Waldo Emerson  believe that all in nature, evan man, is part of a great overloard.
    Those who hold to these views but are not our unitarians are known as our liberals.
    They hold to a belief system.
  1. The Bible is not the word of God. Some parts of it may contain the Word of God but are mixed with superstition.
  2. They also deny the Christian doctrines that are derived from the Bible
  3. God is seen as a force, an overloard, a prime mover.
  4. Jesus was a teacher. Merely an exceptional man like Moses and Budda.
  5. They have a changing theology.
  6.  Man should be his own savior
  7. Man is not a sinner. He is just imperfect and all he needs is a "redemption of character."
   They see the answer to man's problem being that of education.

   As I have said, be careful. This is not Orthodox.

   Comment and keep the conversation going. I will try to help as much as I can. I feel like a watchman on the walls crying out for those to hear. He who has ears to hear, let him hear..

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