Wednesday, October 19, 2011


   So before the first verse in Genesis.." In the beginning God... " there was the Trinity. Yes, God was there in three persons and one essence. He was not lonely. He had Himself. That is hard to comprehend.. how a person all by Himself can be satisfied.
   So God, and remember this is mainly speculative for me since there is no place in the Scriptures that this is found, made a choice.  He decided He was going to share the Joy He had. He got together as the Trinity and made a choice. "I am going to make me a universe. I am going to make stars and moons and suns and 'things'. I am going to choose to make one planet inhabitable and place a whole Eco-system there. And I chose to make animals and plants, and fish, and rivers, and man. I chose to make man in my image-- I am going to give him an intellect. I am going to give him a choice. I am going to give him love. I am going to give him a wife. "
    Each person of Trinity had a say. The Son said, "I will create all things by the Word of my mouth. I will speak it into existence."  
    The Father said "I will place man in the garden and give him the choice of obeying me or not. In order to prove this out I will put a tree in the middle of the garden and forbid him to eat of the fruit of that tree. The obedience will be in his not eating. But I will allow him the choice to eat and  diosobey, thus losing fellowship with me.
    The Son said, "Yes, then I will offer myself as the way back to fellowship.. to a relationship with us that they had in the garden. I will allow myself to become flesh and be born and live among them and die on the cross, shedding my blood. I will rise on the third day from the grave to prove all I said in the Scriptures was true."
    And the Holy Spirit said, "I will be among the people and convict them of sin and be drawing them to the solution of how to once again have a relationship with Us. I will overshadow some and cause them to record our communication to them in a book that will become Holy Scripture.. I will overshadow a virgin named Mary, and place a seed within her that will give You, Jesus, a body. I will be with You through Your earthly existence."

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