Sunday, October 2, 2011


    Before I go on in this study on Cults I feel I should let you in on a secret. Get close now. Christianity didn't spring up without a foundation.
    Christianity never could have come if it wasn't for a man called Abraham. He was called out of his Ancestral home in Basra  ( southern Iraq). He heard God's voice telling him to go to a land that He would show him. He went and lived the life of a nomad. He was quite old. He and his wife, Sarah had a child named Isaac. Abraham was a hundred at the time and Sarah was ninty.
     As the story goes Isaac and Rebecca had two sons, Jacob and Esau. It was through Jacob that God worked. He had twelve sons. Through the line of Judah God worked and brought about a King named David. From David's line came Jesus. The Jew  is also called a Hebrew.  The name comes from "Eber",  their traditional ancestor
    Jewishness is not a religion. It is a nationality.They are looking for a Messiah. What they won't admit is that the Messiah has already come. According to the scriptures which thay had guarded and preserved , Jesus of Nazareth was the messiah they were looking for.
    Let me place here a look at what  Christian say and what the Orthodox Jew says.
    When  it comes to God- the Christian  says our God is revealed as  a trinity; Father, Son, And Holy Spirit., Not three Gods but one God - One essence.
    The orthodox Jew would say "Hear O Israel, the Lord our God,The Lord is one." That comes from the Shema.
    As for Sin the Christian says that in Adam man fall and is now born in sin.
    The Jew would say, no. Man is born neither good nor bad. Man is born free with the capacity to choose between good and evil. Therefore each man is accountable for himself
    As for Jesus, most Jews see Him as a good teacher of ethics. Since Jesus did not bring lasting peace nor did He deliver Israel from the oppression of Rome, He was not and could not be the Messiah.
..   But did you know the first people called Christian were a small group of Jews? Yes. Jews. We can call them completed Jews. The term "Christians" was a term used by people to try to mock the followers of The Way.."They were first called Christians at Antioch " That is recorded in the Book of Acts. Look it up
    Until next time.
    Please feel free to comment. I will read and respond.    

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