Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blog Reason

     I got to thinking. I may be going too fast in this series that I am posting at the moment.
     In my philosphy class I took I was told to define teams. I guess it was section on metaphysics-- the philosphy covering things beyond the physical. Christian Doctrines seems to be in that camp.
    So you must be asking-Why do I need to know doctrine? And just what is doctrine?
    Good question. Doctrine is a branch of knowledge or a system of beliefs. As I use the term it means the system based on and drawn from God's special revelation as found in the Bible. As such I mean to be posting on the subjects of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit. I will cover salvation and the reason for this need for salvation-Sin. In doing so I will also touch on Angels, Elect and Fallen.
     Since there is a need for instruction  I will handle the doctrine of the church, What it is, where it came from, why we need to gather together as a group. That will aslo call for a discussion on the offices and what I call departments of said church.
      I will cover the Chrustian disciplines such as prayer, witnessing, useage of gifts.
     Of course, some of our Christian Doctrines are limited because the Bible is not exhaustive. God has not revealed everything in detail. For example, what we know about creation is such. Because that is true man has tended to lean to the explanation of evolutionary theory. Or that God started the whole thing and then stepped back to watch.
       Well, that is just some explantion. Hold on and keep reading.

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