Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An Age By Any Other Name

  Now we shift from belief systems to what I consider very very dangeous. It is dangeous because we are accepting it and I would bet you that it is not a big deal to you. Your child comes home and says, "I have a new friend. He guides me in all I do."
    This is not like that friend your child had that he imagined when a child, his playmate.. Or maybe it is.
     What I am going to be looking at has its roots way way back. In fact it goes so far back that it can be found in the Garden Of Eden. "You shall be God." hissed the tempter to our mother, Eve.
      It has its roots in the occult. That word occult comes from a Latin word for secret and mysterious things.  For all practical purposes, what we know as a New Age Cult movement can be equated with the transplatation of Hindu philosophy.
     They have a Christ. "The world has had enough of hunger, injustice, and war. There is an answer to our call for help, a world leader for all humanity."
      They will say you are the Christ.
      Since God is all and all is God, all things are perfect and you are perfect.
      They leave no room for sin. There is no room for a saviour from sin since you have none.
       Astrology is accepted as a way to get correct information.
       It is in our state houses. In our White House.In our schools.
        It is a threat to Judaism. It is a threat to Christianity. It is monistic pantheism. All is one and all is God. Man is divine .
       We have all said it.."If it works, use it--if it feels good, do it."

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