Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Prayer--God's Weapon

   Before talking about other doctrines I feel I should discuss the one tool all Christians have and probably don't really understand. That is the tool of prayer.
    God speaks to us through the Scriptures. It is His communication if we believe it or not. It really doesn't make any sense until we become a child of His through a relationship with Him. It was that way when I became a Christian back in '68. The book suddenly seemed alive and meaningful. Before that time, if I ever read it, especially in religion classes, it was just words.
    When I became a Christian the Holy Spirit, the thrid person of the Godhead, came to dwell inside me. He no longer was outside me trying to convict me of sin and unrighteousness. I was getting enough of that from the Roman Catholic Church I used to belong to but by 1968 had given up on. There was no truth to be found in that group.
    Anyway, I was saying, now the Holy Spirit was within me and teaching me what the Scriptures said. God used preachers of good Bible believing, Bible teaching Churches to firm me up.
    But I now could talk to God and He would hear me and answer me. This is what prayer is. A communication between God and the believer..  There is a Father/child relationship set up. It takes time to learn. It is a process. You learn to pray by praying.
   There are many books out there on prayer. Andrew Murray In The School Of Prayer  is a good one. There are others. I am not doing this post to liist them.
   But the best book on prayer and how to do it is the Scriptures. All the characters in the Scriptures prayed. You can learn by sitting in and listening to them pray
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