Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Way You See It

  Today let us step back and consider a subject that involves us all; you, me, the whole world. And that is the simple subject of world view. We all have one. It is the way we see things.
  You pick this world view up from those around you and especially from your schooling. Yes, your education.
    First of all your world view does effect the way you see other people. Is that other person just a chance accident? Or is he a special creature, a creation of a Superior Being.? Yes, I am talking about God, a Creator.
    In school you may have been taught man evolved from a lower form to what he is today. There was no proof given. You accepted it because an adult told you that and they no doubt knew more than you.
   Yes, I understand your view that creation is not proven either. If by proof you mean is it repeatable? Only if you can create something out of nothing. That is how God did it. Out of nothing. He spoke and it was.
    Their view is not repeatable either. You don't see it because it is not feasible. And it takes more faith to hold to that view than to the view that man is a special creation.
    Your world view will also affect how you treat people. If you see that other person as inferior to you than you will treat him poorly, because he has less worth than you. This is the basis of the civil rights issue. This is the basis of the feminine issue. They feel inferior to a man and therefore must try harder.
     They don't realize that in the beginning God created them with no distinctions as to superior/inferior. All are seen from the viewpoint of God as equal.
      I will let you chew on this for a while. I will get back to this issue as time goes on
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