Monday, November 7, 2011

Thoughts About Heaven

    "It is appointed unto man once to die and after this the judgement."
     Yes, I hold that there is life after death. Not the life that the world is trying to push on us. Not the Muslim life with the virgins. Nor the Mormon life with the procreation of kids. But a life after death. A life we choose now while we are alive. We either choose eternal life with God, our creator, or eternal separation. But we do live forever either way.
    The last book in the Bible tells us what heaven will look like. Floors of clear glass. Stones making up the gates. It is day all the time. We will be worshipping God, our creator. We will be serving and adoring the One who saved us.
   Just some of the ideas.
   I don't at this moment have an open Bible before me so I am just giving my impressions of what I have hidden in my memory. But it will be a wonderful place. No more sickness. No more pain. No more aging. No more youngsters not doing what you tell them to do. No more bad literature..
    No, we will not be on clouds and playing harps. We will be too busy serving God and praising God to have time to compose music.
   Our days of struggling will be over. No more overdue rent and the landlord knocking on your door. No more road rage. No more drive by shooting. No more watching a loved one die. Or watching a pet die. Or suffering yourself.
    We will never get sleepy or need rest. We will have different bodies. We won't marry. There will be no need.
    In short, I am sure, it will be more than we can think about. What God wants us to know about it is all found in the Bible.
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