Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Toy

   I finally have enough money to venture out and get an Ipad.
   I am not a fan of Apple and I don't think this will change  my mind. But it is a tool that a good amount of people in my church fellowship possess. So I decided whern ever the time came when I had enough money to buy one of those tools I would.
    I discovered that it has a section or app known as ITunes and within ITunes there is an link to a whole lot of video and audio files. One file grouping is concerning universitys and colleges. WIthin that grouping is my university, Biola University. And also files on classes taught at Dallas Seminary.
    I thus will be able to get classes that I have not been able to take when they were for credit. This time I can sit back and enjoy great teaching.
    And this also will enhance my input in this blog.
    Stay tuned. More is to come. Become a member of this blog and follow along.

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