Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christian Meditation

   This subject I may have talked about in an earlier post. If so, I will do so again. It is the subject of meditation on God's word.
   When I post about meditation I am not talking about the Eastern form of meditation. You are not making your mind blank.
    Two quotes about the subject. One is from J.I. Packer "Meditation is an lost art today, and  Christian people suffer grievously from their ignorace.of the practice."
    The other is from Doug McIntosh. "Meditation constitutes the single most important activity that any Chistian can engage in. Simply put, it works."
     In short, it is meditation on God thnrough His Word. It can transform you. It will transform you. It is drawing near to God through reading, studying and  thinking on his Word. Thinking. Not letting your mind go blank. This will allow the Holy Spirit to have  somthing to work with.
    It seems to bring pleasure to God when we do this. It also provides stability to the Christian who does this. It gives a peace that passes all understanding. A calmness to the mind.
    The meditation I am talking about is filling your mind with God's Holy Scripture. Find a portion you sense you need. Learn it word for word. Take your time. Repeat it until you can say it without having to look at the passsage. Of course, you will when memorizing the scripture check back to make sure you have it word for word correct. but ultimatly you will be able to quote it back to yourself without the Bible open before you.

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