Saturday, November 5, 2011

Invisible Agents

  We are not alone.There is a world that surrounds us that we are not aware of. It is the supernatural realm of Angels. Oh, sure, there are people out there who report to be talking to spirits. And on that subject I will  post as this posting goes on.
   Angels are nothing but God's creation.They don't have bodies. they are spirits. Their purpose is to guard God and to do His bidding.  Goid sends angels, now remember we can't see them, to care for people on this earth. Mostly He sends threm to help His people. I don't find them helping the people who are not His people.
   Complicated. Let me see if I can make it simple.
    In the beginng ,before God even is mentioned in Genesis 1:1, God created Angels. He needed servants to guard His throne and do His bidding. And to care for His creation as overseers.
       They must have had free will of a sort. One named Lucifer, who was one of the guards, decided he was more impotant or something. He wanted to be the supreme person who was worshipped. So he somehow talked a third of the angels into storming against God. for this, he and his angels, whom we now know as demons, were thrown to earth. At that moment, I believe, God  made their decision final. He took away free will and locked in the decision. thsoe who stayed with Him were now always good. Those who went with Lucifer who had a name change to Satan were locked into the fallen state. They lost free will.
        We are not to worship angels. The are merely messengers.
         Those who do and call upon spirits are condemned by God. The spirits they contact are not the good angels  but the evil ones.
         Satan still wants to be worshipped.
          The Lord  your God is One Lord. You shall have no other God before you. Worship belongs to God alone.
        This doctrine is not a major one but I felt it needed to be mentioned.
        Please keep on following me and these postings. Thank you for your reading these postings in the past and here's hoping you will continue to read in to the future.

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