Friday, November 18, 2011

First step

    A question has been sent to me through the comment feature.
   " I am new at this," the comment went, "and would like to do a Bible study. Which one is the one I should beginning with? You presented so many."
     That is a very good question.
      Of all that I have presented I would use a devotional study method.  The ultimate target of all Bible Study is to get to application for ones' life. For this  one you decide to take a passage of the Bible long or short. Preferably a paragraph.
      Before all Bible Study methods you pray to God for insight. "Open my eyes that I may see wondrous things" Ask for insight on how to apply the passage to your life. Ask what does this passage tell me about God? What does it tell me about myself?
     Then you meditate on the verses you have chosen to study. Refer back to my posting on meditation. Not at all the Eastern way but God's way.
      Now you are ready to write down the application as it applies to you. This is why I say you need a pad and a pencil or pen when you do Bible Study.
   Finally you memorize a key verse from your study. How to memorize was also covered in an earler posting.
    Please. Keep those comments coming. I want to clarify and help.

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