Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bible Reading--Four

  It is very important to get the scripture inside of you. I myself try to have a daily devotions time. I use at the present the method of reading through the Bible in a year. I have done it twice this year. It is interesting to me to see that with each reading some new aspect or a phrase  seems to pop out. Oh, it was there the first time I read, but the second time it seemed to shine out with a light.
   I always read asking, what does it say here? What does it mean? To them who read it for the first time?  For me who is reading it today? How does it impact me today? This is where I jot down the obsevation in that notebook or note pad I carry with me. It is the gem I have dug out of the book. The Bible contains lots of gems, not all of them are on the surface, most have to be dug for, thought through, noted.
   Earlier in this blog postings I have done a series on Bible Study methods. It would be nice if you were to refer back to them. This will take some hunting on your behalf but it will be worth it.
   You won't need a specialized education. Any person can read the Bible and get soemthing from it. Also to supplement your personal Bible Study you should go to a Bible Believing, Bible teaching church. But that is another subject that will be handled much later in these posts. I would suggest you follow me and become a member of this blog.  And continue to have that nice day.

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