Saturday, November 26, 2011


  Yesterday in my blog I started on marriage as a doctrine. Now I want to talk about families. They are very important to a persons physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. To those of us that God has blessed with children (There are some that God has not allowed to produce children. And they also are blessed. A family, in my definition, is basicly a husband and wife., If kids are part of the package deal, so much the better) this is good.
    I posted yesterday that God hates divorce. The reason is very simple. Divorce hurts the image of God. Ands it hurts children. Not only yours alone. Children are observing the adults around them., If they look around and see broken relationships they tend to conclude that this is normal. It is not. One woman and one man. That is normal. And not one woman and another woman. Nor one man and another man.
    In the beginning God made them one woman and one man and brought them together. Not two men and not two women. Marriage was sacred.
    Here in the State of California, USA, there is a movement to have homosexual marriages acknowledged as legal and viewed  in the same way as marriage between a male and a female. They wish to have rights. They seem to be pushing it as a rights issue on the same level as civil rights
     It is not. It is a choice they have made and is not a rights issue.
     But I am getting off the issue.
      Families. The key to having a healthy family is to have Christ at the center. Relationships in life go better, I feel, is you have a sticking point; a standard. He should be rhe center of everything that goes on. Now to get back to marriage. That is the foundation or central point of all families.I feel  God wants to protrect, and expand thre family unit.
      I will close this posting with something many historians acknowledge: "The family is the building block of society; as the family goes, so goes society."
    Please let me know how I am doing. Leave a comment. 

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