Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It Is In The Blood

  Today is Nov 22, 2011. I went to the UCLA blood and platlet center today to give blood. That was whole blood. I do that on a regular basis to add my blood to the blood supply for those who need blood for operations. I am blesed in that my blood also is CMV Negative. That means it can be used for premees, babies who are freshly born.
    My blood pressue is 110/80. My pulse is 70. Not I am boasting. Just stating facts.
    The Bible makes a statement that blood is important. The Israelites were not to eat anything with the blood still in it. Life is in the blood.
       Also without the shedding of blood there can be no forgiveness of sin. You knew that I was going to get into that somehow. It had to be the blood of an innocent animal. Whenever the Jew would sin he was required to bring a sacrifice to the high priest who would offer it on the altar to pay for the penalty for sin. Sin required a sacrifice. But it had to be done on a regular basis since sin was an ever present foe of man's relationship with a holy God.
        Today we have a high priest named Jesus who offered Himself as that sacrifice and did away with the requirements of the yearly and daily sacrifice for sin.
      How my giving blood today hyperlinked with this subject I don't quite know. I just know I had to post this.
    Stay with me in this doctrine series. And if possible, comment back. Ask questions. Help me clarify for you what you need to know.

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