Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Unity Of Bible

   Hi. It is a bright new day. God got you up this morning and allowed you to pop open your computer and scroll to this page and read this blog which is at the moment on a series covering Bible Study Methods.
  I found when I started in on the program I had to hold to some truths. First of all that the Bible is a unity. By this I mean it has a supernatural unity. It took over 1,500 years to become what we have today, using at least 35 human writers. Still it remained God breathed.
  Secondly I accepted the truth that it is a book that talks of one God and contains all we need to know about Him. God is knowable. He is not silent. He has communicated and put down his communication in 66 separate books.
  Thirdly I came to the Bible study accepting that it contained the story of man from God's viewpoint.. his creation, his fall, his present condition, and his future.
  So I looked at this collection of 66 books and noticed in its unity it also had divisions.  The natural divisions were two unequal sections I saw as the Old Testament and the New Testament. Each section had books within them. I soon learned through much study that the chapters and verses we see there were not in the original manuscripts but placed there by man to make it easier to memorize verses and sections, Which I hope those who are reading and following this series are doing. That is memorizing as you go along.

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