Saturday, August 20, 2011

Obama is in the fight

With unemployment at an all time high here in Santa Monica where I post it doesn't look good for President Obamas' efforts to get the economy going again. It seems the more he does the less he accomplishes.
  Not that I don't appreciate what he is trying to do.  But as President Truman said, "The Buck Stops Here.' Obama seems not to be following that advice. He is still at the level of a blame game. He blames the Republicans for the situation he is in. He needs to look around and see that not only the Republicans but also the Democrats who are trying to advise him. He must stop being a Lone Ranger type person and stop and listen.
 God is in control. He needs to stop and pray and seek God's face before he makes his next move. God has placed him in authority. Why? Because this is what He has done in response either to our seeking Him or not seeking Him. God allows things to happen according to His Will. He listens to those who seek Him and blesses accordingly.

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