Friday, August 26, 2011

How to Memorize

We should all learn how to feed ourselves. The pastor can only do so much and then only on that Sunday or whenever your church group meets. Plus the Bible says "Your word have I hid in my heart that I may not sin against You". Psalm 119:11.
  Each Christian is given at the  moment of becoming a Christian the Holy Spirit. That is the third person of the Godhead who comes to dwell inside you. You become a temple of the Holy Spirit. He is your teacher/counselor. He it is who brings to your memory what God has said in the Bible. Remember, my position is, that God communicates and He has allowed His communication to be recorded. The Bible was given for us to read and study and memorize.
   I am not going to dogmatically state here just where you should memorize. Memorize according to your need. But do memorize scripture. You won't always have a Bible with you and you will want to quote scripture when you talk to people. Believe me. You will.
  So, how do you begin?
  Choose a verse. One that you need. Read the verse a few times.. oh, say, five. Pay attention to the word order and the words used. You want to memorize exactly as it is written in the translation you are using. Always use the same translation in all your memorizing.
  Memorize in small chunks until you have the whole verse or verses down in your memory. Later you can do sections  or paragraphs. But to start your program one verse will do. Now having read it that number of times, look away and repeat to yourself the verse. Check from time to time. Get it exact. Hook the location with the verse as I have done above with Psalm 119:11. This will help you when you talk to others and they ask where is it located.

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