Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Study To Show Yourself Approved

Fine. Let's continue in this series, and it will be a series, on Bible Study Methods.
 Bible study is like a treasure hunt. There is so much there. Another way to look on it is that you have a picture puzzle that you need to put together. Each piece makes it easier to see the whole picture. Of course, you are coming to Bible Study with the motivation to hear what God has to say to you. It is therefore different than that sermon on Sunday or whenever you have your church service.
 There are many reason to study the Bible, I have found. They are known as study skills that need to  be mastered. You won't have them all at once. It is progressive. The important thing is to study to apply it to your life.
  Why study? Because study is essential to your growth. I Peter 2:2 tells us that.
  Please,it will be easier for you to have your Bible near you and open to flip to these passages. I find it easier to read the passages as they are mentioned. I like to follow the flow of thought of the discussion, and sometimes I find myself stopping to question the posting.. is that really what it says?  If I can't come to some conclusion I table it for later.
  Also if you want a vital prayer life Knowledge of the Word is essential. And  may I suggest as you continue in Bible Study that you pass on what you are learning. Maybe in a small Bible group if at all possible.  At least journal what you are learning.
  Stay disciplined. Don't get discouraged. You can do this by setting study goals.The way I did it was to decide to study a small passage and master it. Maybe memorizing a verse from the study. .the most imposrtant verse I found in that section. This made it easier for me to meditate on scripture.
   Also if you need help don't be too proud to ask for it.  You need to understand the passage and sometimes others have an insight you haven't thought about. Don't try to do it as a Lone Ranger Christian. Stay in fellowship..
  This posting has covered ground. This ground will be plowed as a the postings go on.
   Of course the most important factor. Are you a Christian? If not, than what I am posting should make no sense to you.  You need Spiritual understanding and that comes only by a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. 

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