Sunday, August 14, 2011

God Wants you Free

Let me talk about finances. More especially about money. God is very interested in how you use money.
 Basicly it is not yours. Oh, yes, I know you work for it. You work hard for it and at pay day it is eatten away by all those deductions. So much so that you wonder how you are going to be able to pay for food, buy clothes, pay for lodging, whether that is an apartment or a house. Unless you were wise enough to seek early financal help and had taken that help to a level where you were able to be financally free, you feel it is impossible to get free.
You don't make enough in your paycheck to dream with. Cash flow is hard. Especally in these present days where the stock market is doing a great imitation of a roller coaster.
  Let me recomend a great web sitre. is the site. I wish i had heard about him earlier. I get no kick back by mentioning the web site. No commission. Just something I feel I should tell you about. He will offer a total money makeover starting with 10 steps you can do now. And it doesn't start out with the line"If you send me ___"

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