Friday, September 2, 2011

Study Requirements

I think I better slow down and tell you what you will need for a good Bible study.
  You will need a translation that you can understand. You will be spending a lot of time reading what God has said. It would be adventagous for you to have a translation that you can understand.
  God had the Bible written in Hebrew and Aramaic for the Old Testament. Greek was the language used in the New. I don't know anyone who reads in the original. I don't.
 So what translation do I recommend ? I myself read and memorize from the New American Standard Version. There is the New International Version out there. It may be easier to read. For the people who feel there is no other Bible translation true to what God said there is the King James Bible and the New King James Bible
  There is also the English Standard Version.
  You will aso need a notebook to jot down observations you will be making as you read and study for yourself Along with that notebook you will need something to write with. I recommend a pencil because you will be making Inductive Bible Study Charts as you go along.. More about Inductive Bible studies later in the series. Just trust me on what you will need.
  As you read the Bible you will have questions. So you will need beside you a Bible Atlas that will help you place the area being spoken of in the text you are studying. As for the explaination of what is being said.. for example the effects of sin on the human race.. the Bible is the best teacher. It will explain itself.    What questions you have, jot down, and keep reading. God will explain to you as you read what He meant.
  Please leave me comments if you wish further explaination. I promise I will read and answer.

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