Monday, September 12, 2011

How to use your Bible

 So we have started in on our Bible Study program. We have noticed that we will over time have a lot of  material. We will need a plan to store this material-- to preserve it.
  File folders are a good idea. A folder of about 9 1/2 by 11 3/4 will be fine. You should have a least two sections in your folders. One for Scripture and the other for topics The label for the folder you can place in the upper right-hand corner.
  You will also need notebooks for your Bible study. Remember, you are jotting down your observations. Think of it as a treasure hunt. You are digging for treasure.
  You should also use your Bible by marking the passages that stand out to you. Mark it carefully and with symbols that you can understand. But also don't be careless in your marking. This is for your use. Underline important passages. Write cross references in the margins. You can use a cross for any verse that speaks of Christ's substitutionary death. An arrow can be used beside the passsage that speaks of the second coming. The letter p can be used to signify prayer. Continue in that vein.
   You should set up a goal for your Bible study. Your study of the Bible is to change you and your goal will greatly affect what you will get out of it. Ask yourself why you are studying the Bible.
   I have discovered that there are five methods used in Bible sudy. In postings to come they will be covered.
  1.    Deductive Method (nugget hunting)
  2.   Question and Answer Method (guided digging)
  3.   Topical Method (following a vein)
  4.   Analytical Method (working a claim)
  5.   Synthetic Method (developing a mine)
   Please leave me your comments as to what is working for you or not working for you. I will offer my help.

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