Sunday, September 25, 2011

Three More Methods-Paraphrase, Chapter Summary, Syntheic Method

Thank you for following this series on Bible study methods.For those of you new to this blog , feel free to read the earlier posts to follow the series. I like to think of myself as one who places teaching on the lower part of the cooking tray so that anyone can partake of and use it 
  You have seen the Topical Method which helps you see how a prominent word or doctrine is used. Secondly you have seen in the Biographical Method the influence a particular Bible Character casts upon the Bible. Third -you saw when you used the Grammatical Outline Method the inter-relationships within the paragraph. And lastly you have used the Regular Outline Method.
   All this is good. It will help you. At the same time you are using these methods you should be in a good Bible Believing, Bible Teaching church fellowship. You are not doing these Bible Study Methods just for yourself but for others. You will want to share the insights God is giving you as you study to show yourself approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed...
   So let us look at three other methods you can use.
  1. The Paraphrase- After I did the detailed paragraph study I placed the Scripture passsage in my own words. I was  passing the Word through my mind and expressing it in my own vocabulary. This has proved to be an important learning experience for me.
  2. Chapter Summary- This gave me the digested version of the passage or chapter with the emphasis upon the basic message and not the details.
   3     Synthetic Method- I followed the Anaytical Method when I did the Synthetic. It was  the putting together of the various parts so that I could see them as a whole. It helped me to see the theme of a book. It is not the thematic study method but really more of a survey.
    There are steps to the Synthetic Method.
  • First I made a background survey of the passage. I made a detailed chart and so on.
  •  Secondly: I proposed a theme for the book and then had to test it. I wanted  to know was the theme I was developing the main emphasis of the book? Could I trece the development of the theme chapter by chapter? The answer to both had to be yes or else I didn't really have the main theme but possibly a secondary one.
  •  I then determined the relationship of the minor  themes to the main theme
  •  Next I revised the main divisions of the anaytical chart to show the relationship to the main theme.
  •  Finally I read through the book one more time to give the theme a final test
     Slowly the message of the Bible like a boat coming out of the fog emerged. It took time. But I was studying God's Word and it was worth it. Any time spent in the study of Scripture bears fruit

How can I help you? Please leave comments. What Bible Study Method is working best for you?

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