Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Interpretation Is Important

Bible Study to be wise

As a person does his Bible study it is important that he  know what he is studying. This book, the Bible, that I am helping you study to be a better Christian has to be properly interpreted. "Study to show yourself approved upon God, a workman who does not need to be ashamed."
  There is a way to tell if what you are finding in this book is false or true. It is all in the rules you follow.
  There are some teachers out there who are going to lead you astray if you let them.There are many cults out there and different religious teachings. Upon the surface their teachings many appear to be true. But they will twist and mislead. They begin to "smoke, sizzle, and smell" under closer examination.
 In order for us to be more firmly planted we need to ask a few questions of the passage we are studying. First we must pay attention to what the Bible actually says. not what we think it says or what some one else says it says. Even the man in the pulpit. "Test all things,' God tells us.
   Secondly we must investigate to whom is it written. All scrpiture has been given to us but not all scripture is written to us. There are three classes of people spoken to in the Bible,. The Jews, the Gentiles, and the Church.
  So that rule is to ask to whom is it speaking. Therefore try to get acquainted with people of the Bible so when people mention that person you will know exactly who he is and all about him.
  So you must also study to find at what time this incident took place. None of the Bible took place in the twenty first century. Learn the proper sequence of the events you will be reading in the Bible. Was this before Israel had a king? How many years before Jesus was born was this written? How do all  these events fit into God's plan?
   Also you should ask yourself where did it happen? In other words, I try to find out a little about how the people lived in the period I am reading? I also want to know the geography of the place I am reading.,
   I also want to know the circumstances under which the writter wriote it. Is it one of Pauls' prison epistles? Where does this letter fall in the account of the book of Acts?
   I am trying not to give you too much at one time.I think I will stop at this point and let you digest.
   Until next time.

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