Sunday, September 18, 2011

Outlining Your Study

Now let us take some time and outline what we are discovering as we study our Bible. This will take some time, so don't think it will be a quicky. Remember, we are doing Bible study.
   I have a pad and a pen with me as I do this. I also pray before I start this type of study. I ask God to help me see things that are in the Scriptures I am doing this method with the idea of first enriching my walk. I pray for God to open my spiritual eyes of understanding to see the nuggets there.
   I realize when I do outlining that I won't get good the first time. But since I am only outlining what is before me on the page even if I don't do a perfect job I find that I can use this for sharing with others or even teaching it in a small group setting. The outline does not have to be seen by others. Just me.
   The rules are the same as you have learned in school. There is no magic way to outline Scripture.
   There are basicly only three steps to outlining.
  1. Find the main topic
  2. Divide the chapter into sections--Find the relationship each section has to the main topic
  3. Look for the details within each section
   For example let me do the Book of James.
   1. James (Proposition)   
      a. A servant of God (predicate)

      b. of the Lord Jesus Christ
   2. To the twelve tribes (secondary Object)
      a. scattered among the nations
   3. Consdier it all Joy (subject)
      a. My brothers
      b. wherever you face trials
        (1) of various kinds.
       c. Because you know the testing
         (i) of your faith
         (ii) develops perserverance

  And so on. That isn't a very good outline but you get the idea.
   Start with the observation. You will need to read through the passage a number of times. Three times is good or even more. I do. It helps me explain it to others if I can get a picture of the flow. It also me to ask where is it going? Who are the people involved? What is the subject?
   Well, that is enough for this posting.

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