Friday, September 30, 2011

Prosperity Gospel

Before I go on with the Roman Catholic Church I feel I must warn you about a deviation from the teachings of the Bible. There is a group of people who teach that since the Christian is a child of God and God is our Father we can demand things in prayer and we will receive them. "God will not deny His children anything. Demand it and you have it."' is what the teachers say. Jesus said that we should pray for our needs to be met. Not our greeds. This "Name It and Claim It" teaching is not found in the Bible. God never taught it. Jesus never said it. A prominent person who does this type of teaching is Joel Osteen. I have read a book by him. He has written a lot of them. I researched him. He inherited his church from his dad. Joel was a camera man before he stepped into the footstep of his dad. He is a good master of language. He is cool. He is good at what he does. But he falls short of being a true messenger Be discerning.

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