Sunday, December 4, 2011

God's Ownership

  This posting is being done on a Sunday. I have just been to service and heard a great sermon. Pastor Joe has reminded the congregation that God owns everything.
    God got you up this morning. He owns the day. He owns the air you breathe.
    You have money. That is His also. He gives you the ability to make money. He gave you that job. Or He gave you that investment that has not yet gone south. By using your brain, which He also gave you, you can make choices.
    Pastor Joe spoke of the offering plate. God deserves from the people He has a relationship with, rather He requests, a portion of what He has allowed them to get. "On the first day of the week, set aside a portion..."
     In the Hebrew Scriptures it was the first fruit He wanted. Today it is as a man purposes to give. God will not bless a man or woman who does not give into the storehouse. It is all His. He has allowed you to receive. If you can handle much He will give you much. If you don't have much, well, figure God knows you can just handle that much. I am not making a promise. I am just stating a principle that is in the Bible. Read your Bible for yourself.
     And be content with what you have. God is in the much and in the little. What I share with you God has allowed me to do.
      How has God blessed you this past week?

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