Thursday, December 29, 2011

Render To Caesar

   Our pastor keeps telling us to render to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar when it comes to job responsibility. Also at tax time he says the same. And in Romans 13 we are told to be subject to the governing authorities.
    God is very interested in our daily life and does not wish us to be disobedient. The reason being is that He has set them up as authority. Government has got to control man. Mankind, since the fall, has needed control. It makes no difference if the authority is good or evil. God placed them there and to God they will give an account.
    Knowing that makes all the difference. God will judge, not you.
   How am I doing? Is there any issue you wish to have me comment on? Of course, it will be from the Christian viewpoint. Here I stand, I can do no less.

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