Saturday, December 10, 2011

Goal Setting

   It is important that we know where we are going with our lives and what we hope to accomplish. It is easy if you make no plans, to drift.
   A good life goal is to dedicate ourself to something greater than ourself.
   For the Christian I would hope that we would have the goal of  dedicating ourt lives to service that is pleasing to God. Not all of us can be ministers, I'm not, or a missionary or any of the front line people. Most of us have to be satisfied being background people. That we hold down jobs  that are not, in our sight, attaining any recognition. A dishwasher, a waiter, waitress, bus driver, and so on.
    But I am here to tell you, God is pleased with where you are. He knows where you are. And He is happy. He can use you and will use you.
     God can be manifested in every aspect of our existence.
     He has created us with great gifts and talents. Talents are not gifts. I know of one pastor who tells every Christian that their talent is the gift God gave them. No, if you are a Christian you have been given a gift or gifts by God, the Holy Spirit, to be used in the Church. A talent such as singing that you had before you came to Jesus can be used to fortify your spiritual gift, but it is not the gift. The voice you find you have to sing after you become a Christian, now that is another story. That voice and the songs you sing, if they are being used by the Church, could be a gift.
     God gives each one of us a bundle of interests and fascinations. It is important that we develop and cultivate and respond to these. It is important for us to see them as an avenue of pleasing God.
      Life is exciting,don't you agree?
      Feel free to communicate with me. Tell; me what your  gift is. Let me rejoice with you. 

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