Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bible Reading Important

   I must tell all my readers that the life blood of a Christian's life is the Bible. From a daily reading he gets his spirirual food.
   I am following a plan of daily Bible reading. The internet offers a web site that makes this somewhat easy. is the place. The plan has many translations to choose from. You  are not limited to an English translation. Many other languages are represented here. You can find the version you like and in the language you are most comfortable with.
   You can choose a Bible reading plan. Some are shorter than others. Some are a year long. Some are topical.
   You need to daily feed on the Word of God. We speak to God in prayer. He speaks to us through the Holy Spirit which He has given us. He uses what He  has communicated in the Bihle.
   I have finished my 30 days study of the life of Abraham and am now going though the readng of the New Testament books.
   What plan are you using to read and get the word in you?

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