Saturday, April 9, 2016

Prayer Is A Weapon- posting two


We must never think of prayer is just worthless. It has great worth. But only in the hands of the right people.
  When I talk about right people I am referring to those who have a relationship with God. I am talking in the realm of family again.
   Jesus Christ died and rose again to give those who are His the access needed to have their prayers heard and answered.
    Why would we need prayer?
   This is easy to answer. Just the same way we need to ask our parents for what we need, we need to pray. God has set up a supply and demand route.
   Just as our parents supplied our needs when we asked, so God has set up a relationship that we can understand when we pray.
  Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and it shall be opened.
   It is a weapon also. 
   Along with it being a way for asking for what we need or just a conversation method with our creator, it is also a weapon for use in  the spiritual warfare we are in..
   When we become born again and start this relationship with God, like in a family-He the parent and we the child, we  get a spiritual enemy. It is the same one as Jesus has. Yes, there is a spiritual realm around all of us. The devil leaves people who have no relationship to God alone. Why should he, the devil, worry about them. They are his already.
    He goes after the relationship of those who are part of the family of God.
    We can read about the armor needed for this warfare in the book of Ephesians six.
     Prayer is a very important weapon. We fight back with the scripture we have memorized and hid in our heart. But we pray to God for the needed wisdom to strap on the armor and stand firm.   

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