Monday, April 4, 2016

Let's Look At Prayer - posting one

I am back. It has been a long time. Yet I have a good subject to spend a couple of postings on.
 The subject being prayer.
  In the past I have talked about Bible study and  its methods. Well and good. But without prayer, just what good is it for you to open your Bible and read it expecting to hear God speaking to you?
  Not much use without prayer.
  Prayer releases aid.
   A way to look at it is a wrestling match. You asking and God on the other end moving things around to get the answer to you.
   Prayer isn't a coin machine. Put money in and then have something drop down in the slot for you to pick up and walk away with. No, prayer is relationship. You grab hold of God and tell Him what is on your mind.
   In a way it is not only asking but communicating. About the same way you communicate with your fellow being. How are you? What did you do today? Boy, you should have seen the near hit I almost had.
   Relationship. Communication. Waiting for the answer.
   So how do you pray? Like normal conversation. But you need to have a connection. You need to be one who is a family member. Does God know you?  Do you know God? 
  God will not answer the prayer offered by someone not in His family. The only prayer of a non-member He says He will hear is "Save Me. I am lost. I am a sinner. I believe you died on the cross for my sins. I believe God rose you from the dead. I ask you into my life.

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