Thursday, April 14, 2016

Am I Praying Correctly?- Posting Three

Open My eyes That I may See

  Often we are praying, or attempting to pray, and we wonder, is there anyone there?
   Does anyone receive our prayers?  That is very important to know. Does someone really care, other than ourselves?
   Hebrews 11:6 states that ...for those who come to God must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him. And seeking is active and expectant .
    Prayer doesn't have to always be because of need. Prayer is a normal conversation between a parent and a child.
     Remember, I posted earlier that it is a family deal. You have been adopted by God if you have a relationship with Him. Children ask their parents, in this case, Father, for things. The father listens because you are his child. They hear you in a different manner than the person who is not his kid. He doesn't have to hear and answer the neighbor's kid. He has a special link with you that he doesn't have with the other child.
     Also he doesn't have to answer you if you are not asking according to His will.
     Where is this will found?
      In  the Bible.
      That is also why I say you should pray before reading the daily Bible section. "Show me what you have today for me"
       And the prayer doesn't have to be a set written prayer. It is better if it comes from your heart in your own words.
      You could use others prayers as examples, sure, but this is your need not the others.
       Feel free to express your self to God. He wants to hear from you.

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