Wednesday, February 5, 2014

God Is Directing You

Better Days Ahead

  You will find a book review in the book blog I have. It is concerning hearing God's voice and direction in your life. It is called Crash The Chatterbox.
   There is something I didn't mention there that I want to look at here. It is when bad things happen. They will happen. They are times that test you.
    Let's say the worst happens. Ask yourself 'what if..."  WShat if my loved one dies.
    The chatterbox will tell you, Where is God in this? Why didn't He do something to allow the person to live?
     Now you say, 'That would....'  That would be the worst thing that could happen. I would be done in. My whole world will end.
     Next you say 'God will..' God will be there with me. I will not be left alone. My loved one will no longer be with me on this side but there is a future. God will see me through the sorrow. He will provide a way for me to endure. I will survive. 
     Yes, so and so is gone. But God says I will dry your tears. I will be closer to you than a brother. I care for you.

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