Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What Is This I Hear About Sex?

          We have to consider that God made us with a sex urge. Now there is nothing wrong with that. If we did not have a sex urge we would not be able to procreate and have fun doing it.
          It is this power of sex that God has given to us that makes us different from a mere animal. Yes, they have coupling and the procreation instinct also, but it is a basic urge for them. For us men and women, it is more than a basic urge. It is pleasant and enjoyable.  And it should only be a matter between a man and a woman who are married to each other. It is not a play tool.
                That girl, boy, is not a toy. That boy, girl, is not a toy.
                That penis you have, men, is not a tool to be inserted in a woman’s vagina whenever you feel the urge. . Sex makes the two of you one. There is a bonding—a glue- that happens. That is why it should only be within marriage. It leads to joy and delight.
                See the Song Of Solomon for a picture of sex that pleases God.   
                Outside of marriage it is not something to be done. Inside marriage It is the icing on the cake .
                Outside of marriage it may momentarily satisfy but it is not satisfying over the long period of time.
                Dr. Gordon Neufeld, a noted secular psychologist, as said that sex is a potent bonding agent: It creates couples, attaches to each other those who engage in it.
                On the other hand, pornography is a poor substitute for sex. Pornography may be considered by some a socially acceptable form of entertainment. But it scars the brain. Sure, it provides stimulation and a momentary lift, but it has the tendency to leave a person emptier than before. Naomi Wolf, a social critic, has pointed out that, ironically, pornography deadens sexual desire in relation to real people.
                When a person makes the decision to not have sex for a season he is offering up a gift to God—a infinitely precious gift.
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