Monday, November 5, 2012

Keep On Through Hard times

    I am noticing that my readship is falling off. Maybe the subject of discipleship is not an interesting one. Maybe the readers will come back if I went into a doctrinal study again.  It is hard to tell since I am here on this end and the reader is out there in cyberland looking for a good post.
  Readership falls and rises. Jesus Himself didn't have too many following Him but only those who were committed to know doctrine. He taught. They listened. Some walked away. Some stayed.
   Maybe what I have been posting is hard for some to read so they don't click on the post title.  Believe it or not  there are some posts that have not had any look at them. Alright. They will be there for others to look at later.
     A mark of a Christian is that they keep on for the hope of the resurrection of their bodies. this promise of a future resurrection is based on the downpayment made by Jesus at Calvery. He died and was buried and rose again on the third day. Because He did that I can be sure He will come get me. He will send an angel to escort me on my way so I have no chance of getting lost. To be absebnt from my body will mean I will be present with the Lord.

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