Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bible Teaching

     You are called upon to teach the word to others. In order to do so you must know something about it. That is why I am so strong about Bible study. First you must get it into yourself.
      I have found a good web sited that helps me to read through the Bible systematically.It is It has a drop down window from which you can chose the version of the Bible you wish to read. You don't have to start with the New King James (NKJ) or the New American Standard (NASV) or the International Version (NIV). There are many versions you can chose from. You will find them in a drop down window. Also the languages are ample.
     A digital book you can use  is This one which concerns 52 questions that a Bible teacher may come across in their teaching.
     No one said it was easy. But as you read the Bible you will find yourself changing. God will use what you are reading to do an inner remodeling of you.

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