Thursday, February 9, 2012

Looking For A Good Church

          So you find yourself looking for a good church to go to and hear about God and Christ. You are looking for a place where perhaps you can experience Christian growth. Or where if you are not a Christian you will have a chance to accept Christ and become a person God will spend time with.
       There are many reasons a person seeks out a church. A list of sorts is given below..
              I had a special need.............2%
              I just walked in.................3%
              I liked the Pastor...............6%
              I visited there..................1%
              I liked the Sunday School........1%
              A friend or relative invited me..79%
         It is important also that the preacher be preaching from the Bible.  And not just any Bible but from a version that is sound. There are mnany sound versions. The New king James Bible is a good one, as is the old King James. The New American Standard and the New International are aslo good. This is only a suggestion.
         In some churches t-shirts, jeans, and even shorts, are appropriate. In others a suit and tie or dress would be more appropriate. In some churches anything goes. So, ask yourself, "What is right for me--dressy, casual, or both?"   
   As for the worship you should be seeking, consider this: worship is the way we express our love and appreciation to God, as well as our awe of his works, and wonder of his ways. Consider what style of worship will allow you to most freely express adoration to God. Some churches have contemporary music, some have traditional. Some sing hymns, others sing choruses. Some have full bands, others have orchestras and choirs. Some sing gospel, rock, hard rock, etc. Since worship is a key part of our church experience, be sure to give the style of worship serious consideration.
      Doctrinal Belief    
     Also as to doctrine,it’s important to understand the doctrinal beliefs of the church before joining. Many people become disillusioned after investing a great deal of time in a church. You can avoid this disappointment by looking closely at the church's statement of faith. Before joining be sure the church effectively teaches the Bible. If you’re not sure, ask to talk with someone about this. Some churches even offer classes or written material to help you understand the church’s doctrine.
      This also is important to consider. You want your church to be a place where you can connect with other believers. Some churches offer a very simple ministry approach and others extend an elaborate system of classes, programs, productions and more. So, for instance, if you’re single and want a church with a single’s ministry, be sure to check into this before joining.
    Hang on. There is a bit more to consider when looking for a chuch.Make sure you make a checklist of the most important things you hope to see or experience. Then rate the church according to your checklist when you leave. But don't look for that perfect church. As the saying goes, any church that accepts me isn't perfect because I am not perfect. I am still growing in Christ likeness and it is a journey.
        If you still don’t know where to begin your search for a church, ask people you know—friends, co-workers, or people you admire, where they go to church. Satisfied customers, thery say, are the best source.

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