Friday, September 11, 2015

Back on Study Mode

Bible Study
  It seems the readers of this blog gravitate to the section long ago concerning the Bible Study Methods such as ABC method or the chapter summery or topical.
    I need feedback and input this time around. Treat me as your guide.
    A method that I have run across is one which needs no tools other than a Bible and a notebook to jot down ideas.
    It is not completely a book study. Even if it is suggested you start this method with a book like the Gospel of John or Acts, or Romans.. maybe a psalm or proverb.
    Read a portion such as a chapter five (5) times. Maybe even once aloud to get the flow. Next you name the section.. in this case a chapter.
     John  One. beginnings .Just a suggestion. Name it so you will remember  what you read there so you can tell others in conversation the main idea of that section. And also to bring it to memory.
     Always look for a verse in that section to memorize.
     Or maybe you enjoy writing and would like to do a general narrative.
     I am doing one blog that reads like a general overview of the stories and characters in the Bible. 
     As I said, just an example of what can be done.
     In postings to come , if I can generate an interest, I can help you in your Bible Study Methods.

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