Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Can God Be Known?

This is a big question most have. Can God be known. From this we can also ask can God be defined?
Even as I contend the Scriptures to be the exact words of God to us to explain Himself to us, I realize this is not an answer to those who don 't feel God has revealed Himself.
This is where your view of the  66 books known as the Hebrew Christian scriptures comes to play. Is it what it says it is, the word of God, or is the book only another collection of so called holy writings?
two avenues to explore. And is is one area to be explored as you do Bible Study.
You will need a good translation of the writings. You will also need a concordance. You will be looking up words and phrases. Don't forget the notebook you are jotting your observations in.
First of all you must understand the Bible doesn't try to explain where God came from. God has always been and you must accept this as the first premise . Since God is He must exist. God told Moses His name is I AM.
God reveals Himself through actions. People you know reveal themselves through actions.
 God can be known by what He creates. Men are known by what they create. God created the sun, the moon, the stars,  these things seem to show that God has more power than man in the creation realm.
Can He be defined so to be controlled- kept in a box?  No, in that sense God can't be defined. But He can be defined by what He does and by what He has revealed. He is not silent. He is not way off. He did not create man and everything and then back away as the deists hold.
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