Thursday, October 9, 2014

Is It Possible For A Christian To Be Sexual

   Is it possible for a Christian to be sexual?
  What a subject.
   I would like to discuss if it is possible for a Christian to be homosexual and still a Christian. Or to push the envelope more, a transsexual.   Let me push the envelope a bit here. Let me bring in a discussion something that most Christian seem not to touch.
   This post is not for the eyes of youngsters. It should be discussed, but it is not necessary that it be read by,-- say, people under eighteen.
  So that makes it a college age posting.
   You can read it in some Christian magazines. I have seen it in CT. Articles written by authors who claim to be both Christians and gay.
     Yes, Jesus died for all mankind. Male, female, gay. And by extension, transsexuals. No one is beyond the redemption provided by the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
     Next step. Okay. he died for all. But would we want a be lead by a known gay person?
    The Bible, which is our authority, written by God using men ( he needed the hands of his creation to record His Words) states that God created them male and female. I don't read God creating anything gay as we define gay in the twenty first century. It was the effects of sin that caused human kind to mutate into gay and transsexual.
      God loves the whole world. Male, female, gay, transsexual.
      Jesus died for the whole world, male, female, transsexual.
      Yes. It is possible for a transsexual to have confessed his sin and accept Jesus as his personal savior and on his way to heaven when he dies.
       Yes, it is possible for a Christian to be gay.
       Is it what God would want? No. He wants all people to be the sex He created them. But HE understands sin and the destruction it has caused.
        Please feel free to comment and let us discuss this.

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