Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Prayer's Pipe Line

Open The Pipeline

   Maybe I handled this issue earlier in a post a few months ago. This is the issue of prayer getting to the throne of God to be answered.
   Of course we know that God hears the prayers of most everyone. Maybe not the muslim who is deep in his belief system. Not the Jehovah's Witness. Not the Mormon. Not the person who has no connection to God through the new birth.
    Sin blocks our prayers from getting to heaven to the throne room. Sin has to be removed or the prayer just hits the blockage and like a pool ball goes elsewhere. But not to God.
     The death of Jesus on the cross and the resurrection three days later and the ascension opened up the pipe line of prayer. Now it was possible for the prayer of a child of God to get to heaven, to the throne room ,and be heard.
   The connection was now there for the prayer to go up and the answer to come down.
    That is prayer's pipe line. Nothing we can do to keep it open. That is one of the gifts of God granted freely to His people.
    Of course on our end we need to keep confessing so that we can be assured of being heard and assured of getting an answer.. But we have nothing to do with the pipeline. That is already set. When we confess it is like using a Drano solution to keep the pipe clear.

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