Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year And New Opportunities

 Happy New Year everyone. It is now the third day of 2014 and the year has started out with a clear slate.
  Sure the past is still going to influence the present. Always has. But we may be wondering what is going to happen this year. I don't have a crystal ball nor should I as a Christian have one. The daily walk with God should satisfy me. All He wants me to know and all He wants you to know about the future is in the Bible
  I do know that the unrest in the Middle East will still be with us. I know President Obama will still try to do the best he can as a leader of America. I know that the senate will still do their best to keep Obama from leading us in a totally chaotic position.
  In the long run, he also is in God's hand. So we need to offer prayer for him that he use the wisdom he has been given.
   Daryl has finished his course work at Talbot Theological Seminary and now has his Masters of divinity.. So now I feel it is okay to call him Rev or pastor because he has earned the title now.

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