Sunday, July 10, 2016

More On ABC Method Of Bible Study

Write Down Your Observations

   It has been a long long time since I last posted in this blog.
   When I go look at the statistics of this blog I note that the ABC method is still being read. So I have decided to help you some.
     As I may have mention this is a good way to study the Bible for small groups or even discipleship.
     As you recall, you are doing a small analytical study method. It is not a full analysis in the sense of using a concordance, a Bible dictionary, a commentary.
    You don't use them with this method. You are allowed to consult them after you have done your study if you should desire.
    Let us say you are doing this for a small group. You gather together and decide on the passage you will be studying. For example you should perhaps use 1John and take no more than ten verses-- maybe less.
    All of you can use a notebook to jot down your observations. These observations will form your discussion when you meet and share together what you have learned.
    You read the passage over three times. You next paraphrase what you have read. This is where asking what is there?, who is speaking?, to whom is it being addressed?, What is being taught? and so on.
    Next step is to note other passages that may be useful in   understanding what is being said ( You could jot down questions to yourself that you may need to  explore later or in group)
    You will noticed in your reading that there is a verse that jumps out at you. Jot this down and memorize it.
     Then there is the application or what you are going to do with what you have discovered using this study method.
    You can notice that this is why I say it is good for a small group. Or you can use it for your own discipleship.

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