Sunday, May 3, 2015

Righteous Anger- Is There Such A Thing?

  You hear people tell you this-- be angry and sin not.
  Anger. It is narcissistic. All about your own rights.
   Do we have the right to be angry?
   Looking to the Bible to see what it says about the issue, I can not find a right.
   All I find is that we are to forgive when people wrong us. To forgive we have to give up or forfeit our right to anger-- or even to be offended.
   Talk about offense.. we have offended God who created us to be with Him forever, but Adam, who I believe was our first parent and stood as a representative of all his offspring to come, disobeyed God.
   Talk about offense. If anyone was offended it was God. He created something and gave it the ability to make decisions and it made the wrong choice.
    In anger, God could have wiped out mankind. He, not having sinned, would be the only one who had the right to anger. He would have been righteous. He almost did it during Noah's day. remember?
   The Bible tells us there is none righteous.
    Therefore, we have no rights.
    I submit that we have no right to anger...ever.
    God is allowed anger. When we get angry we stand as guilty as the one we are angry at. God is sinless. He alone is perfect. His character allows for judgement. Anger is judgement.
     Face it, God loves us and thinks we are special. But we are not God,

     Yes, you say, but Jesus got angry. Yes, Jesus also is the God/man. He alone could be angry and sin not. Which is another quote people throw around.

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