Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It Is Okay To Ask Questions

When you are confronted with a puzzlement or even if you just wonder why something you have been told is accepted by others.. it is okay to question.
    Not everything you have been told or hear is found in a Bible verse or even is a teaching of the scriptures.
  You have to keep looking for the answer and prove all things.
  That is why we need to be in a Bible group or under a Bible immersion plan.
  Not becasue it is something I tell you. It is something that is needed for your growth..
   " Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman..."
    Not everything to know is in the Bible but all we need to know is there. At least when it comes to God.
     It is just a feeling of mine but God may not have revealed all about Himself. There may be areas of God we don't know about. These areas would then be areas that we have left to discover when He comes back for us. That comes in the area of hope.
   We hope to see Him face to face someday. We now see through a glass darkly, is the way the scriptures put it. 
   That will be a glorious day.

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