Friday, June 15, 2012

In The Beginnng

     When we look out at things around us we may wonder, how did it all come about? How did I come about?
    For a Christian that is easy to answer. The Bible tells us, "In the beginning God created."
    Yes. What is creation?, you ask. The best way to define it is to say Creation is  the beginning of the universe and human life.
   When was this beginning? We don't really know. But the Bible says there was a beginning. Not of God. But of time as we know it.So we ask, what did God create?
     God did not create an extension of Himself. He is complete. But the Bible does tell us He created Angels. That is found in psalm 148:2,5. The book of Job refers to the angels in Job 38:4-7.
     Humanity, male and female, was created to exist on a higher level above all other thiongs created. Humanity, in the beginning, was made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26)  and was given domination over the rest of the creation on Earth (Genesis 1:28) That image is still there but in a fallen broken state. Jesus came to restore that state.
     That will be another subject.
      This image is not physical. But since God is spirit we can figure it is a spirit image.
     How did God create? He created from nothing ex nihilo. He spoke and it came into existence.
     Why did God create? That is a good question. He wasn't lonely. He didn't need other creatures to complete Himself. He must have done it because He is Love and it is to His glory to create objects to love.

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