Saturday, April 21, 2012

Adam meet Eve

    I  always recycle back to the book of Genesis, the first book in the Bible. It creates such a foundation to families and to doctrine.
   The most important thing to understand is that God in the creation plan created man first before woman. But we have to understand that woman is not a seperate creation in so much as God didn't go back to the planning book and make a different and better model as the woman libbers want us to believe.
    No, the woman was created from a part of man.  The scriptures say it was from a rib. God sculpted her. He paid attention to the lines. He created a master piece, a work of art. Woman was complete mentally, emotionally, and physically as well as spiritually. She was Adam's suitable helpmate.
   Helpmate means helper. Now men, don't get mad at me. If God says we men need help than we must need help. Man did  not need a buddy or a fishing partner or another guy to race elephants with.
     Paul Harvey used to do a piece called 'the rest of the story.'
    Well, in this case, woman is the rest of the story when it comes to man.  This woman is not a clone. She is not a man with redesigned plumbing. She is just different. Glorious, Beautiful, Creative.
     Man and woman are equal in value. But equality does not mean sameness.
     Two different words are used in the Hebrew. Ish and Isha. Two different genders. Two different creatures.
      I am sure I will be talking about this subject more in a later post. Until then, enjoy the difference.

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