Sunday, March 18, 2012

Forgiveness has blessings

Recently my pastor, pastor Joe, gave a sermon in his series on forgiveness mentioning the seven blessings of forgiveness. It was simple and easy to understand. Firstly, forgiveness deflects self-pity or pride. Secondly, forgiveness shows mercy by holding back what the other person deserves.Thirdly, forgiveness restores the joy of the relationship. Fourthly, forgiverness affirms love.Fifthly, it proves obedience.God has told us to forgive others. Sixthly, it restores fellowship. And lkast of all, it doesn't give Satan a foothold in our lives. It stops sin.
   More can be found concerning PAstor Joe and his fellowshipo at ACTS, a Church That Studies by going to the website You may find soem videos there that will help.

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